Selected Clips

Read All Of The Books: The Fall 2013 Queer Books Preview" (Autostraddle)

The fall is looking good for queer reading! Books look out for include new work from Jeanette Winterson, S. Bear Bergman, Nicola Griffith, Malinda Lo, Julia Serano, Radclyffe, Kathleen Warnock and a ton of other heavy hitters. With forthcoming history and historical fiction, erotica and academic analysis, literature and genre fiction, and Buffy and Batwoman, you won’t have any problems finding something new to read.

Odd Girl Back In: A Q+A With Lesbian Pulp Pioneer Marijane Meaker" (Bitch)

A housewife enrols in community college and begins an affair with a woman in her class. A newly engaged eighteen-year-old is completely enchanted by her fiancé’s aunt. Two girls meet at summer camp and fall into bed. These plots — from Valerie Taylor’s Stranger on Lesbos, March Hastings’ Three Women, and Anne Herbert’s Summer Camp — are only some of the hundreds of stories from lesbian pulp fiction, a genre of the 1950s and ’60s known for its sexy covers, smutty content, and tragic endings.

New Exhibit Brings Interactivity To The Archives" (Xtra)

Queer archives, libraries and museums often suffer from inaccessibility, particularly when they have a broad audience that may not be local.

Malinda Lo And Behold: The Autostraddle Interview" (Autostraddle)

I spoke to Lo about her new book Adaptation, diversity in YA, and the changing landscape for queer fiction.

Why We Can’t Get Coffee: The Guide For People Who Love People Who Work From Home" (Autostraddle)

The number of people who work from home has multiplied rapidly over the last few years, but the world still caters to 9-to-5 office goers. Existing social, financial, and business institutions haven’t really caught up yet. Neither have most people, since a huge chunk of the population still seems to think that anything you do at home cannot possibly be work. Many people are well-versed in office etiquette, but what about work-from-home etiquette?

Places I’ve Lived" (The Billfold)

Have fun Googling “bird mites.”

Ann Bannon, Queen Of Lesbian Pulp Fiction: The Autostraddle Interview" (Autostraddle)

Lesbian pulp fiction was at its peak in the 1950s and 60s, and author Ann Bannon is one of the reasons.

Lez Con: Exhibit Playfully Investigates Lesbian Content in Canadian Gay Archives" (Xtra)

The Canadian Lesbian and Gay Archives boasts more than 5,000 vertical files; about 7,000 individual periodical titles; thousands of photographs, videos and tapes; and a National Portrait Collection. But comparatively few of these materials relate to queer women.

A Grim Future For Canada’s Gay Bookstores" (Xtra)

Glad Day Bookshop, Canada’s oldest gay bookstore, now makes just eight sales a day. Owner John Scythes wants to make one more: he recently announced that the store is for sale.

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo: Lisbeth Salander By Any Other Name" (Autostraddle)

The new adaptation of Stieg Larsson’s “The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo” is visually stunning, well-adapted, and very entertaining. But without Noomi Rapace, how good can it be?

New Sexual Orientation Study Suggests You Were Born This Way" (Jezebel)
Sexual orientation and “gender conformity” in women are genetic traits, according to a study released by researchers from Queen Mary, University of London.

The Lesbian Sister Who Sparked A Deportation Debate" (Jezebel)

Daniel Garcia, an 18-year-old Toronto student, was deported to Mexico on Saturday, despite fears that he’ll face violence because his sister’s a lesbian. So why is no one talking about her?

Learning Through The Lens" (SP&T News)

At the Medical Simulation Centre in McGill University, students and professors are doing something that has been taking off around the world: using security cameras to learn.